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“Kat Rohlf is a very thoughtful TTAD Board Member. She researches issues thoroughly and makes decisions and votes based on her review of the issues. Kat is balanced between the community and aviation. Given that she lives north of the Airport, she knows first hand about noise and annoyance from aircraft noise. I respect her intelligence and process.”


Rick Stephens, TTAD Board Member

“I first met Kat many years ago when we were both Founding Members of the Queen of Hearts Foundation asked to serve on the Advisory Council.  I was impressed with Kat then, and she has only expanded her knowledge and commitment to and for the greater good.  The Truckee Tahoe Airport District is a very important asset in our region and requires Board Members that understand that.  Kat’s only ‘special interest’ is the betterment of the community, period.  As current Board President, Kat has led TTAD through some challenging times with strength, grace, and compassion. 


Kat’s involvement in TTUSD, Measure A, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, and now the Truckee Tahoe Airport District are testament to the person she is and we as a community are fortunate to have her!  I very strongly encourage you to vote for Kathryn Rohlf to the Truckee Tahoe Airport District!”


Teresa O'Dette, TTAD Board Member

 "This is a hotly contested election, in part because the board has become divisive. All of the candidates are qualified, and very passionate. Incumbent Kat Rohlf seems best suited for bridging the differences."


Jim Porter, Sierra Sun

"Kat and Mike see the airport not as benefiting a select few, but as a broader force for good in the community. They are engaged in common-sense solutions to mitigate environmental and noise reduction impacts of the airport. This stands in stark contrast to scorched earth tactics to defund and disempower the entire agency."


Jeff Brown and Russell Hamby, in op-ed to Sierra Sun


Jim Porter

Cindy Gustafson

Carol Meagher

Kim Szczurek

Jamie McJunkin

Emily Vitas

Missy Mohler

Kelly Carroll

Laurel Holmer

Rick Stephens

Donna Morgan

Teresa O’Dette

Linda Granger

Erik N Pilegaard

Michael Sabarese

Bill Quesnel

Karen Pilaar

Christine Marsh

Brian Marsh

Amanda Woodruff

Beth Cushman

Bob Cushman

Kevin Sloane

Maiya Holliday

Jenny Whitworth
Mary Berelson
Nancy Gisko

Michelle Reed

Eric Larusson 
MaryBeth Larusson

Pat McKechnie

Robert Bousquet

Phebe Bell

Michelle Hainey

James Kemp

Nancy B. Wallis
Simon Whitworth
Marisol Rocha

Steven Baker

Ken Aronson

Craig Lundin

Debbie Cohen

Kyle P. Frankland

Norm Nicholls 

Donna Morgan

Mike Daniel

Sandi Henley

Richard Rohlf

Sven Pole

Kayley Kemp

 Ashley Phillips

Kim Kredich

John Bradley

Larry Finney

Margaret Skillicorn

Dirk Skillicorn

Spin Shaffer

Mary Guerra

Bert Guerra

Dave Ariza

Melissa Ariza

Paige Derdowski

Norman Justesen

Amy Macosko

Tom Meadows

Lynn Meadows

Leigh R Golden

Paula Smith

Michael Golden

Tal Fletcher 

Helen Pelster

John Rohlf

Cliff Grimm

Patrick Foster

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